Exposing the Truth Conference eid# 65

22. April 2017
All day event


Exposing The Truth Conference on a way!

Reserve your space: madlen@speedstar.com.pl

This Spring we will talk about Reality! (False flag, AI, Health, Science and more...) JOIN US!


Vistula Universität
Warschau Polen, 

Contact information:

  • Madlen Namro
  • https://www.facebook.com/Konferencje-Exposing-The-Truth-984535134935179/ [1]
Fee: 300 PLN --- ~70 €

Categorized in:

  • Conferences

Event recurrance information:

Continuous, multi-day event, beginning 22. April 2017 and ending 23. April 2017

Event sharing information:

This is a public event.

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