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Patente für elektronische Bewusstseinskontrolle

Weblinks: Die meisten Patente zur Anwendung in der technischen Bewusstseinskontrolle werden in den USA zugelassen - und das bereits seit Jahrzehnten.

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Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, Dr. Bengt Nölting - Gedankenübertragung


US Patent: DC magnetic-based position and orientation monitoring system for tracking medical instruments, Januar 2003 - 6,506,148

US Patent: Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier, April 2000 - 6,052,336

US Patent: Methods and formulations for modulating the human sexual response, April 2000 - 6,051,594

US Patent: Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems, Januar 2000 - 6,017,302

US Patent: Body worn active and passive tracking device, Januar 2000 - 6,014,080

US Patent: Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity, Januar 2000 - 6,011,991

US Patent: Speech signal processing for determining psychological or physiological characteristics using a knowledge base, Dezember 1999 - 6,006,188

US Patent: Engine disabling weapon, September 1999 - 5,952,600

US Patent: Magnetic excitation of sensory resonances, August 1999 - 5,935,054

US Patent: Global positioning satellite tracking device, Mai 1999 - 5,905,461

US Patent: Fenceless animal control system using GPS location information, Februar 1999 - 5,868,100

US Patent: Intra-oral tracking device, Juni 1998 - 5,760,692

US Patent: Ultrasonic speech translator and communications system, Juli 1996 - 5,539,705

US Patent: Personal tracking and recovery system, Mai 1997 - 5,629,678

US Patent: Method and an associated apparatus for remotely determining information as to person's emotional state, April 1996 - 5,507,291

US Patent: Subliminal message generator, Dezember 1993 - 5,270,800

US Patent: Silent subliminal presentation system, Oktober 1992 - 5,159,703 | Top Secret Writers

US Patent: Method and system for altering consciousness, Juni 1992 - 5,123,899

US Patent: Hearing system, Oktober 1989 - 4,877,027

US Patent: Hearing device, August 1989 - 4,858,612

US Patent: External magnetic field impulse pacemaker non-invasive method and apparatus for modulating brain through an external magnetic field to pace the heart and reduce pain, Februar 1988 - 4,723,536

US Patent: Method of changing a person's behavior, Januar 1988 - 4,717,343

US Patent: Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves, April 1972 - 3,951,134


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