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What to do if you think you are poisoned

02:01 PM Montag, Dezember 25, 2017   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
Clean your space well. Every cable every corner, every piece of furniture, around and behind. Check your refrigerator’s back. Check also the back of all your kitchen furniture. Clean well inside and outside your car. Mop often. Observe the environment around you when you feel extra targeted by poisons. Maybe there is some nerve agent […]

Targeted Individuals can possibly be poisoned

11:12 AM Freitag, August 11, 2017   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
Some years ago, a TI organization did a survey on TIs and it revealed that around 18% found poisons in their system. Heavy metals and other toxic substances create many of the symptoms that TIs have such as digestion problems, blurred vision, heart palpitations, and attacks on the nervous system, etc. It wouldn’t be a […]

Please take part in this poll

10:03 PM Montag, Januar 26, 2015   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE

Changes in Diet Can Minimize Targeting Effects

02:13 PM Montag, November 10, 2014   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
As a victim of non-consensual implantation, no shielding works. Yet, some changes in eating habits have proved effective, such as avoiding all sugar, including fruit sugar and white bread flour. Both must be completely eliminated from the diet plus a 15-30 min walk or physical activity a day can help take away the worst part […]

TI-Health: Foods That Fight Inflammation

09:02 AM Sonntag, Mai 11, 2014   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
Inspiration to this post came from a comment on another post that suggested that some of these effects are inflammatory. “Many of your TI symptoms are caused by simple inflammation from the chemicals they use. Try anti-inflammatories and go live in a free standing home with non-TI’s. The chemicals are intended to cause severe inflammation […]

TED Lecture from the first person ever infected with a computer virus

09:57 AM Mittwoch, Mai 7, 2014   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
Mark Gasson – the first person to be infected by a computer virus using an RFID device implanted in his hand. His TED lecture has the same name as his book: “Human implants: from invasive to pervasive”. His views are sympathetic regarding implantation of people for both medical and enhancement purposes. He mentions in his […]

Katina Michael: Micro-chipping people

09:27 AM Mittwoch, Mai 7, 2014   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
The many sides of neuro-technology by Katina Michael and the ethics of being connected to a computer. Who are we entrusting our brains to? Is the connected human body and brain an extension of the machine even though it’s supposed to be the other way around?Watch the whole thing.

Future Humans: Controlling Brains from outside

09:23 AM Mittwoch, Mai 7, 2014   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
Vincent Walsh’ lecture regarding existing and possible technologies to control and influence the brain.

Evidence of non-consensual micro-chipping

12:22 PM Mittwoch, August 28, 2013   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
In October 2012 several symptomatic people participated in a RF-testing in a Faraday Cage. The testing was performed by Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard of ICAACT (International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies). A total of 17 participants were tested. 14 had symptoms related to electronic terrorism & torture; 3 were non-symptomatic, non-victims. It appeared […]

Mind Control Documentary by Daniel Estulin ft. Magnus Olsson

10:33 PM Dienstag, Juli 16, 2013   von TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE
Daniel Estulin is not a stranger to the new technologies that threaten people today. From the point of view of transhumanism and total surveillance and control, including of our minds, Daniel Estulin is able to guide us through the possible world of tomorrow: a future that we could be able to change by taking a […]