Mind Control in Deutschland und Europa

Über Bewusstseinskontrolle, Voice to Skull und Gang Stalking


09:23 PM Freitag, April 12, 2019  -  David T. Voigts (USA)   von (@DavidVoigts1911)

I do public outreach for victims of human-machine interface technology. This tech is a deployed military/intelligence weapon and is used to target individuals for discrediting. The program is illegal, unethical, and disgusting. Their story needs to be told. @neuralink

08:39 AM Dienstag, April 2, 2019  -  David T. Voigts (USA)   von (@DavidVoigts1911)

Are you following the NXIVM case? Developments: it's an Ariel Castro/Elizabeth Smart type of case and it seems like the national news has overlooked the recent revelations. @CNN

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