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Magnoplasm™ as Drawing Paste

Magnoplasm™ as Drawing Paste

Posted by Music Teacher

I used Magnoplasm (Magnesium Sulphate Glycerol) drawing paste to remove microchips from my body.
Magnoplasm™ Paste is a drawing paste containing glycerol and magnesium sulfate. When applied to the skin it exerts a powerful osmotic action on living cells.

Magnoplasm Splintex™ Gel can be used as an everyday drawing agent... It is used to help draw out splinters, thorns & exudates...

It is easily available from Chemists and Pharmacies and costs $20.00 from


I discovered that there is one microchip for each harassment and that if you remove one microchip that is one less harassment to endure.
The microchips are not as far under the skin as you would expect and sometimes small lumps and rashes appear indicating their location.

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